Coloring Collection - Over +700 Coloring Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

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Coloring Collection 

Dominate Amazon KDP with the largest collection of handcrafted Coloring Book Templates and build your own best-selling masterpieces.

✔️ +700 Coloring Book Templates

✔️ +70 Cover Design Elements

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Bundles

✔️ Lifetime Access (No Subscription)

Line Art Templates

Get access to countless handcrafted line-art illustrations in order to create outstanding coloring books. Discover an incredible selection of themes with unique artworks that you can customize, edit and combine. This is how you build stunning stories, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable memories.

Line Art Illustrations - Design Samples 

Cover Design Elements

In addition, you get a wide selection of different colored versions with our greatest artworks. This allows you to create your own customized cover design and stand out from the crowd.

Cover Design Illustrations - Design Samples

Customize & Combine

Every single coloring template and cover design can be customized, edited, or combined with any common program. This allows you to customize illustrations, graphics, stroke thickness, or colors according to your preferences.

Each included artwork is available in the following file formats:

✔️ *.PDF — Any PDF Editor

✔️ *.PNG — Any Graphic Software

✔️ *.AI — Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, etc.

✔️ *.PSD — Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Gimp, etc.

✔️ *.EPS — Any Vector Software

✔️ *.SVG — Any Vector Software

Editable & Customizable with any common Software

Bundle Overview

Mythical Monsters 👹

Follow the little adventures of cute monsters and mythical creatures in a colorful dream world.

Mythical Monsters - Design Samples

Heroes & Villains ⚡
Immerse yourself in the incredible battles between brave superheroes and evil villains.

Heroes & Villains - Design Samples

Dangerous Dinos 🦖

Dive into a forgotten primeval world of superior dinos, giant creatures, and stunning landscapes.

Dangerous Dinos - Design Samples

Jungle Adventures 🐯

Observe the breathtaking wildlife and beautiful tropical flora in the endless depths of the jungle.

Jungle Adventures - Design Samples

Deep Ocean 🐟

Dive deep into a stunning underwater world full of cute aquatic animals, dangerous sea creatures, and secret treasures.

Deep Ocean - Design Samples

Funny Farm 🐷

Join the humorous farm life full of lovely animals like cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and much more.

Funny Farm - Design Samples

Iconic Insects 🦋

Get unique insights into the fascinating life of colorful insects, toxic arachnids, and other curious creatures.

Iconic Insects - Design Samples

Fast Vehicles 🏍️

Feel the energy of unstoppable sports cars, jets at sonic speeds, and speedboats bouncing over the ocean.

Fast Vehicles - Design Samples

Heavy Machinery 🚚

Be impressed by the incredible power and unbelievable dimensions of the largest vehicles on our planet.

Heavy Machinery - Design Samples

Fantastic Fantasy 🦄

Discover a fabulous medieval environment with brave knights, legendary wizards, and mythical creatures.

Fantastic Fantasy - Design Samples

Notorious Ninjas ⚔️

Take part in thrilling missions, ruthless fights, and legendary rituals of a secret ninja brotherhood.

Notorious Ninjas - Design Samples

Gigantic Galaxy 🚀

Go on a journey to unknown galaxies and explore planets ruled by aliens, supernatural species, and exotic plants.

Gigantic Galaxy - Design Samples

Bloody Nightmares 🩸

Try to survive in an apocalyptic world dominated by brutal monsters, infected zombies, and evil shadow creatures.

Bloody Nightmares - Design Samples

Blooming Flowers 🌸

See the shining variety of colors and unbelievable shapes of the most beautiful flowers on our planet.

Blooming Flowers - Design Samples

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License Terms

You are allowed to:

✔️ Use of the original and modified Graphics for commercial distribution on all Print-on-Demand (POD) Services.

✔️ Upload and create Items to sell on any Print-on-Demand (POD) Platform.

✔️ Manipulate and modify Templates or Design Elements to sell them as Physical End Products.

✔️ Create Unlimited Physical End Products and Print-on-Demand (POD) Items.

You are not allowed to:

❌ Sublicense, resell or distribute any of the Digital Files even if they are modified or edited.

❌ Convert the Digital Files or Design Elements to different Formats (e.g. *.SVG, *.PNG, etc.) and sell those Files.

❌ Make the Digital Files available to third parties to use them on Print-on-Demand (POD) Services.

❌ Provide a digital copy of the original or modified Design with a Physical Product.

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+700 Coloring Book Line-Art Templates with +70 Cover Design Elements for Amazon KDP

Any PDF Editor
Any Graphic Software
Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, etc.
Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Gimp, etc.
Any Vector Software
Any Vector Software
MS PowerPoint
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Coloring Collection - Over +700 Coloring Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

27 ratings
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